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Car Care Tips

How To Quickly Clean Your Car

By October 16, 2019No Comments
How to Quickly Clean Your Car , How To Quickly Clean Your Car Nobody wants to spend a ton of time cleaning the inside and outside of their vehicle. If your car is a mess, we’re going to give you a few tips to make quick work of this process. First, you should remove all of the garbage or random items that you have accumulated in your vehicle. This will free up the space a bit. You can use a vacuum to clean off the seats, floor mats and in all the different cracks and crevices of the interior. Wipe down your dashboard to remove dust buildup. On the exterior of your vehicle, you’ll want to perform a quick washing. Rinse the vehicle off with water. Then, apply a soap product that is designed for your type of vehicle. Use a soft sponge on some of the hard-to-clean areas like the front bumper. After a quick rinse, you’re good to go.

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