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When Do You Need Your Headlights Replaced?

By September 12, 2019No Comments
Headlights Cleaning or Replaces

When you see someone driving down a dark highway at night with their headlights burned out, its certain that they need to get them checked. They’re cruising for a ticket or much worse! However, it’s might less obvious if your headlights still come on. Some newer lighting technologies, like LED bulbs, continue to work long after they need to be swapped out.

If your headlights aren’t brightly illuminating the path in front of your car, then they need to be replaced even if they still come on. Stock bulbs fitted in cars from Car Trackers usually last a number of years, for example, but they’ll continue to burn long after they stop producing sufficient light to help drivers see the way ahead of them.

Before considering replacement, try washing yellowed headlights in soapy water and then dry them very well. Once you’re done, try using rubbing alcohol on them to restore their shine. This can often keep your headlights running for longer without needing to get new ones.

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