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Roadside Emergency

How to Handle a Roadside Emergency

By September 12, 2019No Comments
How to handle roadside emergency

We all want to avoid roadside emergencies. At Car Trackers, we want you to be prepared for an emergency. When you are prepared for an unexpected situation, you will have peace of mind in an emergency. A minor emergency can become a major problem if you do not have a roadside assistance kit.

You will need jumper cables, batteries and water. You should also have a flashlight, triangles and flares. If the emergency occurs on a busy highway, move the car to a grassy area. You can drive with a flat tire until you can park in a safe area.

If you cannot move your vehicle, you can abandon your car. Your safety should always be a priority. Place triangles around your car. Do not move your vehicle after an accident. Walk away from your vehicle when other drivers clear a path for you. Call the police when you are away from traffic.

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