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Tips for Applying Touch-Up Paint to Your Vehicle

By September 11, 2019No Comments

Touch Up Paint For Your Car

When your car is new, you want to protect it from any harm. You may park away from other vehicles and try to steer clear of any shopping carts in the parking lot. However, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually see a paint chip or scratch. Touch-up paint pens and kits are great ideas if you see a small chip that isn’t a scratch. This is because they can be easily covered up to restore that smooth paint look, especially if it wasn’t scratched beyond the clear coat.
However, when you do have a deeper scratch, you may need to pre-treat the spot, especially if you are afraid of rust. If you don’t buff and prime the spot, it could lead to more corrosion and paint chipping. With larger spots, you may also find that it’s difficult to blend the colors with touch-up paint even when it’s the same color as your original auto paint. For more information contact The Car Trackers today! We are proud to serve drivers near Orange County including Placentia, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Corona CA & Los Angeles.

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