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Remedies For Cleaning Your Tires

By September 11, 2019No Comments

Cleaning Your Tires

We expect tires to be dirty, but the corrosive grime that accumulates on them from a mixture of oils, road debris and brake dust will damage any metal it comes in contact with, so you need to wash your wheels as often as you wash your car.

Wet your wheels and spray a specially formulated tire cleaner on them, making sure it’s suitable for your particular hubcap material. Scrub using a brush with stiff bristles, letting any stubborn spots soak longer. When you’re ready to rinse, direct a strong stream of water on them to thoroughly wash away the soap and residual grime, then dry them completely before applying a shiny coat of tire wax. This last step isn’t required, but it will make your tires look new again and can offer some protection.

If you need any tips on having your tires cleaned or have any other service needs, don’t hesitate to call or stop by The Car Trackers.

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