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What Exactly is an Infotainment System?

By September 11, 2019No Comments

Just like the name indicates, an infotainment system combines useful information with entertainment in one system, allowing drivers to get up-to-the-minute news about traffic conditions and weather while enjoying a favorite music playlist as they’re driving.

Syncing the vehicle’s dashboard display screen with a smartphone allows the car to access apps and communication services. Answer phone calls, get emails and make outgoing calls with hands-free convenience. Both Apple and Android services can be supported by an infotainment system, which means the full collection of music you have on your phone can play on your vehicle’s stereo. Use radio apps to have tailored entertainment choices and get weather reports in real time. You can also plan your route using navigation apps.

Get a one-on-one demonstration of how an infotainment system works when you test drive a vehicle at The Car Trackers. From simple explanations to a full demonstration, we’ll answer any questions you have about this exciting feature.

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